The Perfect Chain Reaction

Oakpark Foods

We Produce

Oakpark is the final part of the Brett family business. Our factory in Cahir, Co. Tipperary produces top class Pork and Bacon available in a store near you!

We Harvest

We advise our local farmers and help them grow wheat, barley and oats. These Irish cereals are the main ingredients in the pig feed used on our family farm.

We Breed

The Brett family have been involved in pig farming for generations. We know the importance of farm welfare and always ensure top class farming standards at our farm in Freshford, Co. Kilkenny.

We Mill

Brett Brothers animal feed mill in Callan Co. Kilkenny is where we produce our very own unique feed for the pigs on our family farm.

Oakpark Foods has a proud tradition for many generations of offering pork and bacon products which are tasty, wholesome and traceable back to the farm. Our family is involved in every step to deliver the best tasting products to the highest standards.



Award Winning  Products

“We strive to ensure that our bacon tastes like bacon used to. We are very proud of the tradition which has allowed Oakpark to become one of Ireland’s key pork and bacon producers.

We retain local values and traditions while operating in a global marketplace. We place great value in knowing and trusting our pig suppliers and being able to guarantee our bacon is produced with care and attention to detail as we have done for generations”

James J. Brett – Managing Director