Our Award Winning Products


Award winning pork products

At Oakpark we pride ourselves on marrying traditional style pork and bacon with cutting edge new product design and development. We offer pork and bacon products which are tasty, wholesome and traceable back to the farm. Home cured bacon has been the staple meat of Irish and British families for generations. Oakpark has preserved the old recipes and the traditional curing craft to ensure that our bacon tastes like bacon used to. We have used our old family bacon curing methods to bring tasty new products to you, see just some of them below. Available across Ireland and the UK, ask in your local store for details.

Oakpark Unsmoked Bacon Medallions

Our Bacon Medallions are 50% less fat than a standard rasher! We make sure these medallions are butchered to the highest spec and remove all visible fat. A perfect guilt free treat!


Smoked Bacon Medallions

Our Naturally Smoked Bacon Medallions are 50% less fat than a standard rasher! We make sure these medallions are butchered to the highest spec and remove all visible fat, the bacon is then smoked over smouldering beechwood chips to give it that distinct smokey flavour. A perfect guilt free treat!


American Style Streaky Bacon

After a recent trip to America, having tasted the way they do bacon on that side of the Atlantic, we knew we had to bring that flavour home! Working with a large American bacon producer we developed the Oakpark American Style Streaky Rasher! We add some delicious maple to our bacon and smoke it American style! Then we slice it “Super Thin & Crispy” to give you tastier bacon than you would get in New York or San Francisco!


Smoked Bacon Lardons

Our Naturally Smoked Bacon Lardons are 50% less fat than standard diced bacon lardons. That’s because we use only the premium low fat cuts of bacon. We cut up the lean bacon, naturally smoke it over beechwood chips and package in a convenient reseal bag. Ideal to add real flavour to your pasta, salad or omelette while keeping the calories down!



Pulled Pork with Kentucky Bourbon

When in America tasting streaky bacon, we also discovered Pulled Pork in Kentucky! They use a delicious bourbon sauce in that neck of the woods and we wanted to share that unique taste back home. Not only that but we wanted to offer a Fresh product that you can pull apart yourself using two forks, instead of something which has been cooked in an industrial oven for hours and reheated at home! Our unique roast in the bag packaging gives you that slow roast flavour in just 80 minutes and fresh pork ready to be pulled apart!



Bacon Rib

Our Bacon Rib is a traditional Irish dish that we have perfected over three generations. Unlike some bacon products, our Bacon Rib is left mature slowly to ensure a tender texture and fuller flavour. There has been a shift over the last number of years from ready meals back to real traditional food. The Oakpark Bacon Rib represents a real traditional Irish dish!



Thick Cut Smoked Rashers with a Hint of Maple

Our Thick Cut Smoked rashers with a hint of Maple are often voted our tastiest product! We cure the bacon, adding maple and then smoke it naturally for three hours giving a taste you will never forget! The nice thick slices mean it won’t shrink on the pan and is perfect as a breakfast rasher or in a bacon sambo!



Thick Cut Unsmoked Rashers with a Hint of Honey

Our Thick Cut Unsmoked Rashers with a Hint of Honey are cured using the traditional method but we poor in real Honey when producing them. That gives us an unmistakable sweet hint of honey, but not too strong! The next step is to cut them nice and thick for that extra bite! The perfect twist on a traditional breakfast rasher!